Garrison Lange

New Customer Install Experience: Podcast with John Parrott

By Garrison Lange / November 20, 2020 /

Digitech has earned the loyalty of many of its long-time customers and keeps those partnerships strong with diligent service without mandatory service contracts. But what’s the new customer experience like working with the company? It’s something John Parrott, President and third-generation owner of Parrott Printing, who started using a TruFire machine this year, has enjoyed.…

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The Auto Unloader: Featuring Tommy Trucks, SignMaster

By Garrison Lange / October 30, 2020 /

After 30 years of digital printing experience, how is the DigiTech Solutions Group’s TruFire Flatbed Printer making an impact for its clients? Patric Coldewey, Founder & President of DigiTech, brought along an end-user of the TruFire digital printer, Tommy Trucks, Founder & CEO of SignMaster, to discuss it. The TruFire story was born out of…

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