A TruFire Demo: How It Outperforms the Rest

A TruFire Demo: How It Outperforms the Rest

Have you experienced a “true” flatbed printer? There’s only one TruFire, and seeing a demo of it will change your perspective on the possibilities in printing.

What Makes the TruFire Unique

The TruFire Precision Print System (PPS) is equipment that we designed and developed in-house. That includes the electric boards, software, and everything else. It’s all made here in the USA. There were three guiding principles for developing this next generation of flatbed printers—durability, reliability, and accuracy. All three are critical for a printer. It offers “print on demand” with minimal maintenance.

Key Features

  • Vacuum table that maintains the highest flatness—you can even walk on it.
  • X-axis and Y-axis accurate to 1 micron on both sides of the gantry.
  • Absolute print head alignment with software to ensure this.
  • Uninterrupted ink system wit no dropout at any density or print mode.
  • Three-level grayscale printing that’s high-quality and efficient.
  • Interactive, easy-to-use interface
  • Printing for substrates up to 6-inches
  • Linear motor systems on both sides of the table.
  • Encoders built into the rails
  • Electric boards contain sensors to optimize the connectivity of the machine and easy serviceability.

The TruFire printer is a simple design with the latest technology. Enjoy high throughput and more uptime with this product. Additionally, it can be up and running just a few hours after installation. It’s eco-friendly, as well, and the total cost of ownership is much less than other similar machines.

Demo Virtually or In-Person

We’ll gladly provide a product demo of the TruFire, either virtually or in person. You may be surprised to learn that the person demoing the product is the president and CEO of the company!

For in-person demos, bring your own material and print a live job. See the electronics and operate the machine yourself. Its durability will amaze you even if you try to break it; you’ll find it keeps going. You can also see our assembly processes and maintenance procedures.

The experience you’ll have when testing out our products is light years ahead of the competition. Once you’re a customer, we keep listening to you and integrate feedback into the next software update or iteration. You’ll also have the number of our technicians, software engineer, and company president.

Contact our team today to schedule your virtual or in-person demo of the TruFire and discover why it’s redefining digital printing.


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