The Importance of a good Operator with todays Printing Equipment

Why a Good Operator Is Important with Today’s Printing Equipment

Today’s digital printing equipment, and particularly the DigiTech TruFire, is more advanced than ever – but that doesn’t reduce the value of a good operator in the grand format printing industry.

In fact, a good operator is still incredibly important to efficient, quality results, even as large format printing equipment continues to evolve.

But why is an operator so critical? Let’s dive in.

Operator Motivation and Understanding Still Drive Results

As is the case with any automated or cutting-edge solution, it still can’t operate in a total vacuum.

And, just like any industry, the more motivated a team member, the more powerful the results they can engineer.

Even with cutting-edge grand format printing equipment and leading flatbed printers, operators need to be motivated to work hard and produce consistent results that wow clients. They also need a robust understanding of their role and of the equipment they’re working with. It should function more as an extension of a great operator than the end all, be all of a print shop.

Operators Set the Tone for a Day’s Worth of Printing Excellence

With the TruFire from DigiTech and the latest DigiTech software solutions, a print shop can set up an entire day’s worth of jobs first thing in the morning.

However, to get the most out of this advanced capability, operators need to be at the top of their game.

First, they need to input jobs correctly and set the tone for an efficient, productive day in the first place. Then, while the operator may not have to “touch” the machine again, running the machine all day isn’t as easy a task as that functionality may make it appear.

Operators still need to run the machine via foot pedal and help the shop utilize the auto unloader, which can lead to 4×8 sheets being produced in around 35 seconds.

Operators also set the pace for the auto unloaded, as they need to be pushing the next piece of unprinted media onto the bed as the auto unloader is removing the last job. This role is critical to print shops being able to save time and money while printing jobs all day long.

To learn more about how the TruFire is helping operators power new efficiencies and savings, contact us today.

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Garrison Lange