Case Study Episode 1: New TruFire Customer

New TruFire Customer That Has Just Received the TruFire LTX2 Printer

Listen to the podcast here: Case Study Episode 1: New TruFire Customer That Has Just Received the TruFire LTX2 Printer with Patric Coldewey and Brett Sutton – Print Precision with DigiTech (

Print Precision kicked off a four-part series with a case study on integrating TruFire into a small printing operation. Brett Sutton, President at Patriot Print Fulfillment, joined DigiTech’s President, Patric Coldewey, and Host Daniel J. Litwin a look at the one-year journey documenting TruFire printer’s adoption strategies. One week into the partnership, Sutton said his company had already seen results.

“I wanted to offer something different where we’re helping people out that need help and can’t get it otherwise because they had to spend way much more than they needed to get something done,” Sutton said.

Sutton’s background is restaurant print fulfillment, but a couple years ago, he branched out with Patriot Print Fulfillment to tackle additional areas. “What we do today is the large format flatbed printing for the fulfillment side of things,” Sutton said. “I also do embroidery in-house. We try to offer a one-stop-shop fulfillment. We pretty much encompass all of the aspects of printing except off-set.”

Sutton considers himself a bit of a gambler, but when he searched for new print technology, he didn’t feel much risk betting on DigiTech’s TruFire LTX2.

“The speed alone was what drew me over there to watch it,” Sutton said of his first experience seeing the TruFire. “I realized the machine I had that at the time was a great entry-level machine but wasn’t going to cut it for the way I wanted to take this company and grow it. Flash forward to one week ago, and the TruFire LTX2 made its debut at Patriot.

If Sutton had one complaint about the TruFire, it was that it is so fast, work is backed up in his cutting area. Not to worry—Sutton said a new cutter is on its way. It’s a challenge he was more than willing to solve.

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