To make our customers more successful by offering the best possible printer and the best possible customer service.


With over 30 years of experience in the field of digital printing backing it up, the TruFire by DigiTech has developed a reputation for being the best grand format flatbed printer in the industry. Automation, workflow software, easy operation, and lighting fast speed. We print speeds our competitors advertise but never achieve. The TruFire LTX2 Printer prints 50+ - 4X8 boards per hour with vibrant color and excellent quality, this includes loading and unloading, “all day every day.”

In August of 2021 we will have finished the development of our PPS (Precision Print System) print head electronics. PPS is an example on our commitment to continual improvement. Rather than to wait for the electronics to become dated we have the solution that helps solidify the long term life expectancy of our TruFire printer. Using all latest components and electrical chips on our boards, you can rest assured that our printers will not reach “End of Life” any time with in the next decade. The TruFire Printer by DigiTech could be that last printer you ever own.  

We are proud to be a part of American Manufacturing and we do all right here. The hardware, the electronics, the software….it’s all home grown.  With the movement of almost every printer supplier manufacturing in China or in most cases just rebranding the Chinese printers. Rest assured we did it all right here down to the last bit of code, the very last bolt, and the final chip on that electronics package.  


UNDER THE HOOD TruFire Engineering Specs

Print Head Protection

Dual head sensors located on both sides of the head carriage to offer twice the print head protection from head strikes.

Graphic- Extending the Life of your Printheads

LED inks

UV curable LED inks offer unparalleled adhesion on Coroplast, Acrylic, and everything in between.

Ink Delivery

Uninterrupted ink delivery system means no dropout at any speed.


Automatic media height laser adjust to changing media thickness requirements

Auto Unload

Optional automatic media unload system available on all models.

Graphic- TruFire Print Speeds

Maintenance Free Encoder System

Encoders are built into the rails on both the X and Y-Axis to provide even higher accuracy and maintenance-free performance.

Graphic- How the TruFire is built to Last



We started out to make a powerful upgradable print engine that used the latest technology that was easy to run, easy to maintain, and easy to repair (the guiding force was to keep it simple). These printers are built to last, designed to provide 10+ years of service. Expensive service contracts are not required to keep this printer in full production.

Graphic- Why DigiTech


We started as an alternative to the large OEM’s starting to dominate the grand format digital market. The success was instant and the popularity of how we did service was a big hit with our customers. In the beginning, we distributed other printer brands, which eventually fell apart from the chaos of OEM companies buying companies or going out of business. We realized if we wanted the ability to provide uninterrupted service and support, we would need to develop and design our own printers. Distribution of other companies’ equipment wasn’t the direction we wanted to go.

By 2013 we were completely refitting or “retrofitting” all-new technology onto existing frames that were quickly becoming obsolete. With over 100 RetroJet machines produced, we had gained valuable experience with our new technology as we moved from aqueous-based machines to the UV LED machines.

Our Digitech “ON DEMAND” Print System, started to evolve into something special, something we had learned from our extensive service background, and that something special was…..it didn’t have to be complicated and intimidating to be powerful and high quality. Utilizing the latest technology available, we were able to develop a simple, easy to operate, complete system. From start to finish, our print system is simple, reliable, and very powerful.

2019 is the launch of the most precise, most reliable, most efficient, and simply the best flatbed printer possible. The TRUFIRE printer is the result of extensive research, the best technology, a simple approach, and the philosophy that printing companies are tired of paying for those extras that come from buying from the big OEM’s in our industry.