TruCORR – Designed for Custom Packaging & Display Boxes

A display box with the american flag on it.

Introducing the latest solution from Digitech, the TruCORR. Specifically modified to handle corrugated paper with just the right amount of automation -- PRINT, CREASE, and CUT INLINE.

  • Customizable for volume AND specialty item “ONE-OFF” production
  • Intuitive vacuum system (2X) the air volume of our standard system
  • Digitech’s proprietary Queue it up software loads multiple images 
  • QR code’s load the crease and cut files on the cutter
  • Conveyor automation system feeds (1) or (2) two cutters
  • Mirrored QR placement for quick reading and registration on the back 
  • Double sided display problem! 

DigiTech’s TruFire integration capabilities with flatbed cutters offer solutions to help automate your manufacturing process. Whether it’s
B-Flute for custom display boxes or card stock for custom packages, Digitech offers solutions with flexibility and efficiency.