Technology: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Technology Evolution: How Digitech Stays Ahead of the Game

As we approach the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, our world continues to feel the consequences of the lockdown over a year later. Not excluded from the aftershock of 2020 are electronic parts and chips, which are currently in short supply.

While other flatbed printer manufacturers find themselves at a standstill as they wait for their vendors to get these parts, Digitech is able to stay ahead of the game by successfully creating our own custom electronics to drive our printheads and machines.

Innovation at Digitech in the Face of Challenging Scenarios

Prior to the beginning of the shortage, Digitech projected what we would need with regard to parts over the course of the next few years. Why is this? Because, at Digitech, it is important that we stay ahead of the electronics and technology game.

Offering three different models of both UV flatbed printers and grand format printers, DigiTech’s TruFire provides a new level of innovation for the field of digital printing that brings us ahead of the curve and to a position where the mechanics of our machine simply outlast the old electronics.

All our new, custom electronics are field upgradable on all of the TruFires up to this point. This will allow our printers to get the most out of both the table and the frame, which will be as precise 10 years from now as the day they are manufactured.

Our dedication to staying ahead of the game by creating our own custom electronics and prioritizing cutting-edge technology allows us to be less reliant on vendors and more promising to our customers, who may purchase their last machine ever from us.

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