Starting a New Year, Growing Together 2022

Elaborate products may be attractive, but how often are they effective? With a decade of experience in the printing industry, we can safely say – not often. That is why, at DigiTech, we focused on simplicity when designing our TruFire ST, LT, and LT/X2 printers. Our powerful printers use the latest advanced technology but operate on an intuitive interface, meaning it is easy to achieve decreased downtime, faster printing, and higher quality prints. With the durability to last ten or more years, the TruFire allows operators to print continuously, maintenance-free, all day, every day. That puts less work on you, so your focus is on running your business, not repairing machines. Simple, right?


For example, our LT/X2 can print 50 four-by-eight-foot boards per hour while holding vibrant color and unmatched quality every time. Other well-known industry printers may produce 20 boards in the same amount of time, with quality varied. Our customers overwhelmingly report increased efficiency and fewer repairs. Backed with DigiTech’s unmatched 24-hour technician service, the TruFire can elevate your business beyond the problems of slow production and costly maintenance. If your TruFire ever does need repair, which is rare, we will work with you to determine a solution that will eliminate the use case from ever occurring again.


We are not one of the large printing OEMs. With DigiTech, you receive a personable relationship to match the time, quality, and commitment we spent in manufacturing your TruFire printer. Going into a new year, consider how you would like to grow your printing business. Do you want to be stuck with the same production and repair problems, or do you want to see a profit and build a more prosperous future?


Start, by working with DigiTech! We will grow your business together.

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Garrison Lange