Unique ways Customers Use the TruFire Flatbed

With its precision print system, lightning-fast speed and intuitive custom software, the DigiTech TruFire flatbed printer is a digital printer like no other. No wonder it’s the revolutionary machine that you’ve come to rely on for printing all of your CMYK signage and print media.

But why stop there?

Unleash Your Creativity

The TruFire printer’s auto-unloader technology, uninterrupted ink delivery system and print-head protection are just a few of the reasons why some of our customers are harnessing the power of the TruFire for other projects of a totally different stripe. And, surprise, they’re not CMYK printing sign shops. Not by a long shot.

Using one of our three exceptional flatbed printers—the Trufire ST, with a small footprint; the Trufire LT, with a larger table and robust table design; and the TruFire LT/X2 for large capacity jobs—these companies are taking our machines into unchartered territory. Hopefully, they’ll inspire your creativity, too.

Let’s take a look.

The Sky’s the Limit

For some innovative companies, it’s imperative to keep their work in-house instead of contracting it out to other companies. The beauty of DigiTech TruFire flatbed printers is that they allow them to do just that.

One of our customers, for instance, is an airline stenciling company whose designs are proprietary, which puts the kibosh on their ability to outsource design work. What’s more, every line and angle of each design needs to be incredibly precise. It sounds like an impossible task, but they found that TruFire printers, with their LED ink and auto-adjust capabilities, provided the ideal solution.

You might even say that their productivity…soared!

Seared in Memory

And, of course, there are many other types of customers that have embraced the possibilities afforded by our state-of-the-art technology.

Thanks to one cremation company, our digital machines are making a lasting impact – perhaps even one that will last for all eternity.

Paying tribute to those who have passed in the most heartfelt way, this cremation company is implementing our digital machines to print unique designs on their caskets and cremation boxes—a truly personalized and touching send-off that friends and family will long remember.

Art at the Car Wash

We’ve also heard from other businesses that are using DigiTech TruFire flatbed printers in unprecedented ways, and, in effect, setting their businesses apart.

One car wash company is using our machines to print all kinds of essential signage, from signs affixed to the starting point of the service to signs directing autos to the drive-through and over to the vacuum areas.

Signs are always helpful, no matter the size. But, for this company, it was the tipping point. In addition to making signs that helped their customers through the car-wash journey, they also created beautiful wall art for all of their car wash branches across the country.

This car wash operation is using its DigiTech TruFire flatbed printers to smash expectations of what a car wash should look like.

Over to You

But we know there’s more exciting experimentation going on with all types of companies, big and small, old and new – and we’d love for you to share it.

Contact us today to find out how a TruFire solution might solve your most unique challenges.



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