Why Continuous Improvement and R&D is Important


Continuous Improvement and Constant R&D: Why Are They so Important?

In providing successful, personalized and prompt service, there’s nothing as important as listening to your customers. It’s about truly understanding their needs and working alongside them to meet them, not selling them a one-size-fits-all solution.

Unlike large OEMs and resellers, which flood the digital printing market alongside one American manufacturer (us here at Digitech), we take the time to understand what our customers need, learn from our mistakes, and make changes, adjustments and improvements based on recommendations from each individual customer.

Exemplifying Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Constant R&D

While the technology and service we provide at Digitech is ahead of our competitors, that doesn’t mean it’s ever time to rest on our laurels.

In fact, we consider it more important than anything else to constantly make changes for the better and search for ways to create an even better product.

When we attend trade shows and post videos online, our competitors are able to see how much we’ve actually innovated and pushed the boundaries in our industry. For example, Digitech’s auto unloader was the first in the market on a flatbed printer at this price point, but it won’t be long before another company copies that same idea, produces it overseas and tries to claim that the parts are just as good as the ones seen on our machines. And we’ll be right there to continue finding the next great innovation.

Examples of Digitech’s Ability to Listen and Respond to Customer Needs

At Digitech, we listen to our customers and make changes to address their unique needs – especially when we see a challenge we can meet head on.

We own all of our software, firmware and board designs. Different customers have different needs and specifications, and we are able to modify our software packages to best fit the needs of that particular company.

For example, we had a customer fry some printheads. No good, right? It was going to be a very expensive fix, and it’s something that we would never want to see happen to any customer. In the unfortunate event that it did, we sat down as a team to try and discover how we could prevent this from happening again.

While it was a mistake that should have never happened in the first place, there was no reason to dwell on it. Instead, we added a safety feature into the software that would prevent it from happening again in the future.

Whether it’s staying ahead of the curve as far as the competition is concerned or providing preventative maintenance for machines already in the field, we have an entire team of expert R&D minds who hear about every problem in the field and work tirelessly help prevent these same issues from reoccurring.

It’s all part of our unmatched commitment to backing up the industry’s best solution with the industry’s best service.

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