New Customer Install Experience: Podcast with John Parrott

Digitech has earned the loyalty of many of its long-time customers and keeps those partnerships strong with diligent service without mandatory service contracts. But what’s the new customer experience like working with the company?

It’s something John Parrott, President and third-generation owner of Parrott Printing, who started using a TruFire machine this year, has enjoyed. In addition to getting to know and work with Digitech President and Founder Patric Coldewey, he has been blown away by the lengths Digitech has gone to make sure his team understands how the machines work and how they can make jobs faster and more effective.

“We kept researching other companies, but their machine just seemed much more fine-tuned than what the other companies were doing,” Parrott said. “They didn’t cut any of the corners I felt like other companies were cutting. Those little details were things that I was looking for.”

That extends to the setup and continued service provided by Digitech, something the company was doing even before offering its own printers. Parrott said he and his staff will get occasional check-ins from technicians, even in a casual text message, a first for him despite years in the industry.

“I guess it makes sense that they started out as a service company. Service is No. 1 with them. Obviously, the machine and everything else is great, but before they were selling machines, they were selling inks and selling service. That’s what they’re best at,” he said. “They’re a service company that happens to sell the best printer I’ve ever bought.”

AUTHOR: Daniel Litwin

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