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After 30 years of digital printing experience, how is the DigiTech Solutions Group’s TruFire Flatbed Printer making an impact for its clients? Patric Coldewey, Founder & President of DigiTech, brought along an end-user of the TruFire digital printer, Tommy Trucks, Founder & CEO of SignMaster, to discuss it.
The TruFire story was born out of necessity. Customers, like Truck’s company, SignMaster, needed a printer that DigiTech didn’t supply or service.
“Tommy was one of those guys who said, why, Patric, don’t you guys make a printer?” Coldewey said. “He was partially responsible for getting us going down this path of making a new printer.”
“We ran into some real issues with the first-generation digital printer we got,” Truck said of his company’s early forays into digital signage printing. “We could tell screen printing was going away, everything was going digital, and technology was skyrocketing. It was lending itself to lean manufacturing. As technology started to increase, we were stuck with this older printer. Over time, we were trying to get into some LED curing and faster machines.”
Unfortunately, some of the newer machines Truck tried weren’t cutting the mustard.
“To get to where we were trying to go, there was such a gap in the market,” he said.
After a bit of prodding and several years of development, DigiTech began manufacturing and distributing its printer solutions.
“There are a lot of printers on the market that are hybrids,” Trucks said. “But, as far as where we’re standing, we think a true flatbed is the only way to go. When you’re printing rigid substrates as we do, the only way you can get that perfect second side registration is on a true flatbed.”
AUTHOR: Daniel Litwin
CONTRIBUTORS: Tommy Trucks and Patric Coldewey
KEYWORDS: Print production, signage printing, thought leadership, TruFire printer, printing solutions

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  1. Peter Casasanto on November 3, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    With all my years in the industry, I have never seen so many users this satisfied with their vendor’s service and product performance. Their loyalty is a great testament to that.

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