Why the TruFire Machine Is Worth the Investment – Auto Unloader, Automation and Full Command

When selecting a digital printing solution, it pays to invest in the industry’s premier solution.

The DigiTech TruFire is not only leading the digital printing revolution – it’s redefining it.

But what makes the TruFire machine worth the investment? There are a wide range of innovative and beneficial features no other solution offers, each one tailored to bringing you a true precision print system built to perform for years to come and backed by unmatched service.

In this three-part series, we’ll take a deeper look at them all. Let’s dive into part two.

The Auto Unloader

Unique to the TruFire, the auto unloader is a production game changer. It removes an entire step from your operator’s workload, freeing them up to be more productive and efficient, and allows for the bed to be loaded faster than ever before. This technology has resulted in a 15-20% increase in productivity for early adopters and allows for a TruFire printer with half the heads to be as or more productive than competitors.

Faster Print Speeds
Our LTX2 model features a double row of heads, which brings faster print speeds without sacrificing unbeatable ink adhesion and results. Paired with the auto unloader feature, this eliminates almost 20 seconds a print in load and unload times, alone.

Intuitive Software

TruFire software offers you complete control, leveraging an intuitive user interface and helping perfect calibration, job layout, print head alignment and more. And it’s all backed by thorough online diagnostics helping you constantly boost efficiency. Digitech wants to enable automation and full command, allowing you to meet your challenges head on, not worry about whether your solution can get the job done.

DigiTech is proud to manufacture and distribute the TruFire Flatbed Printer right here in America, bringing you lightning-fast speed, simple operation and powerful results.

To learn more, contact us today.

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