The Service First Difference with DigiTech

A Service-Focused Approach to Digital Printing

For any organization seeking a grand format printing solution, many factors contribute to your selection. Expertise, experience, quality, ease of use and pricing are all in the conversation. But what may be even more important is knowing that your partner is service-focused.

Knowing that your vendor is reliable and has your back no matter the situation is often the most critical aspect in choosing equipment.

At DigiTech, we are committed to serving our customers and have been for over 30 years. It shows in everything we do and every printer we manufacture. We designed our TRUFIRE flatbed printers to be simple, powerful and durable. Now, we invite you to learn more about how we focus on service.

Here When You Need Us

Getting most printing manufacturers on the phone can be a challenge. You may spend considerable time getting handed off to one person after another or, worse yet, you may never even reach a live support desk.

That’s not the DigiTech way. We know that, when you call, it’s urgent. You’ve got materials to print and deadlines to meet.

We offer easy, over-the-phone assistance directly with service technicians. In many situations, you can actually speak to a team of techs through a group message so that they can quickly diagnose your issue and get you back to printing.

On-Site Within 24 Hours

If your TRUFIRE flatbed printer needs professional support that’s not solvable over the phone, we can dispatch a technician on-site within 24 hours. This immediate response is what our customers have come to expect and appreciate.

We don’t want your machine down for one minute, because we know that it can impact your operations.

We Listen and Respond

Another significant aspect of how we serve customers is by listening to them. You are using our printers every day and can easily see ways to improve how it works.

We love feedback from our customers. It enables us to innovate and make necessary changes to mechanics or software that can benefit all users.

When Our Customers Are Happy, So Are We

Success to us isn’t on the bottom line—it’s in our customer’s satisfaction. We thrive when our customers do. Your happiness with our equipment and the service we offer is what matters to us at the end of the day.

We’re Not a Typical OEM

OEMs have and continue to be a dominant player in the grand format printing industry. The OEM market, however, has turned volatile thanks to mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies. Being able to get service for this equipment became a black hole.

We wanted to offer a different approach so that customers always had a way to obtain service. Having this surety brings peace of mind and is something you won’t find with most OEMs or Chinese manufacturers.

Rooted in Service

Every piece of equipment should be serviceable. That’s been a driving force in the development of TRUFIRE and our company. You can depend on us to deliver a quality product and responsive, accessible service.

If you’d like to learn more about TRUFIRE and why we focus on service, contact us today.

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