Why the TRUFIRE is Worth the Investment: Article 1

Why the TruFire Machine Is Worth the Investment – Flexibility, Durability and Serviceability

When selecting a digital printing solution, it pays to invest in the industry’s premier solution.

The DigiTech TruFire is not only leading the digital printing revolution – it’s redefining it.

But what makes the TruFire machine worth the investment? There are a wide range of innovative and beneficial features no other solution offers, each one tailored to bringing you a true precision print system built to perform for years to come and backed by unmatched service.

In this three-part series, we’ll take a deeper look at them all. Let’s dive into part one.

The Most Durable and Flattest Table Ever Made

The TruFire’s table is built to last, utilizing the thickest solid surface available to resist the most rigorous elements of your printing needs. In addition, the vacuum table is designed to hold and maintain the highest flatness requirement in the industry.

Other tables will develop low spots over time, impacting performance. Not the TruFire.


The TruFire is available in three models, meaning you can find the perfect solution for your digital printing needs. Digitech is committed to providing solutions for a multitude of different businesses and applications to fit your printing needs directly and easily.

Ease of Serviceability

We know firsthand how important a serviceable printer is, and service is in our roots. Many problems, when they seldom arise, can be resolved via phone by allowing our technicians to remote in and look into the issue. We want our machines to be simple, powerful and durable, not a maintenance headache.

We also free you from overbearing service contracts, eliminating a layer of worry in your maintenance and prevention. We’re committed to simple, efficient service and a solution that works.

DigiTech is proud to manufacture and distribute the TruFire Flatbed Printer right here in America, bringing you lightning-fast speed, simple operation and powerful results.

To learn more, contact us today.

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