“We have been looking for a long time and tested over 15 printer companies. We finally found the accuracy we needed in the printer from DigiTech” – Northrop Grumman 2020.

A black and white photo of a jet fighter plane.


Today’s technologies are developing at accelerated rates and quickly cross over into markets beyond the initial intended use. Our Grand Format Printing technology is no exception.

How it happened: A U.S. Military contractor approached DigiTech to determine if there was a printer with output that could be absolutely accurate to create mylar templates. We listened, then heard, “Oh by the way…the U.S. Airforce’s precision tolerance is plus or minus 10 one thousandths (0.010) inch.”

Ease - Create precise mylar templates for welding & riveting production.

Speed - What takes 8 hours to “pen plot”, TruPLOT completes in under 5 minutes!

Accuracy - The TruPLOT was designed to be absolutely accurate within its one (1) micron linear motion system’s tolerance.

Precision – A precisely flat, adjustable & durable vacuum table for absolute accuracy laser measured and calibrated. Self-diagnosing laser ensures nothing has shifted.

Designed for durability –Magnetic linear motion moves to the TRU (true) position every time for the life of the printer.

Proudly Made in the USA & Canada.

Digitech’s TruPLOT Printer is currently being used in the Aerospace manufacturing process to produce fighter jets for the U.S. Airforce . The process has been tested monthly for repeatable, reproducible precision and accuracy and has never missed its mark.

We design and manufacture the TruFire Printer with its Print Precision System (TruFire PPS) to be absolutely accurate allowing the printed dots to be… “on the dot”; meaning we print faster while having our dots land exactly where they were supposed to land.

Our magnetic levitation moves to the TRU (true) position every time for the life of the printer. This is not common for rack and pinion, belts, or ball screw motion systems used in pen plotters. These other system’s accuracy and positioning suffer from degradation affects from their wearable components. Commonly used systems some consider “good enough” for the Sign and Graphics Industry, fall short of what’s needed in the Aerospace Industry.

TruPLOT’s encoder system is built into the rails and this proprietary system reads three (3) axis at all times; one (1) on the carriage and one (1) on each side of the bridge. Three (1) micron encoder readings ensure accuracy, and our proprietary software (TruFire PPS) tracks the accuracy every step of the way.

TruPLOT Specifications (Simple Dependable by Design):

  • 1 Print Head (4 picolitre)
  • 1 Phoseon LED Lamp (25,000 hours)
  • 1 Color
  • Size: 60” X 120” or custom (any size)

Approved process by Northrop Grumman Q.C. team and the U.S. Airforce.
When you need precision, DigiTech’s TruPLOT provides absolute accuracy every single time!